June 13, 2024

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Rochester New York’s born and raised Big Tiz  aka Sanders Tisdale  is one piece of the team that gives love to Steeler Nation Live. Im just a guy who loves the Steelers to the core and living here in Upsate New York where everything is Buffalo Bills  I want to give a voice and Steeler info to the masses of Steeler fans who would not get this info other wise. In starting Steeler Nation Live I will do my best to give the other fans across Steeler Nation what they need and thats nothing but steeler love. Feel free to email me@ BIGTIZ@STEELERNATIONLIVE.Net




bigotest2Hello Steeler Nation and welcome to Steeler Nation Live ! I hope you like our broadcasts as well as our website! Big Tiz and I are dedicated to bringing you the best and most accurate information on the Pittsburgh Steelers. We would love to thank our sponsors for all of their support and help to get our show off of the ground !If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to e-mail me at BIG-O@STEELERNATIONLIVE.NET